There Once Was a Girl – Book Review



Book – There Once Was A Girl 

Author – Josie Townsend 

Release Date – March 30th 2016 

Publisher – XLibris

Format Reviewed –  eBook, sent for review from the publisher. 


About The Book

Based on a true story, there once was a girl is about the journey of a young woman’s life and the choices she makes during that journey and the consequence’s they bring. Australian drama, which takes the reader from the Sydney western suburbs and pubs to the outback of Western Australia. The story isn’t about one girl….there is another female character and the story tells of her experiences in a world that isn’t as safe as we want to believe. Names and places have been changed.


My Review 

I’m very open about the fact that if I don’t like a book, I won’t review it. The story itself was brilliant, it was sweet, but at the same time had the gritty bits that I love in a good novel (being set in a pub, believable life etc) so hence why I’m giving 3*’s, but I’ve had to knock a couple off.  My issue was the eBook book format I was sent to review. First off, the author’s name is Josie Townsend – yet my eBook stated the author was Bryony Townsend. Which led me to be confused at first and I know ARC’s have mistakes, so to be sure I checked Amazon & Goodreads to be sure. Upon checking Amazon & Goodreads I see the length of the book is supposed to be 246 pages. What I read is was nowhere where near 246 pages surely? not unless I flew through it at the speed of light? So naturally I’m confused. 

I’m going to forward this feedback on to the publisher, If I hear back from them I will edit this review to reflect that. 







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