Jelly – Jo Cotterill Book Review


Book :  Jelly by Jo Cotterill 

Release Date : 14/6/18 

Format Reviewed : Kindle eBook (purchased myself) 

Age Range : 9-99 (sorry, if you are 100 you may be too old to enjoy this book – just joking )


From the Cover : 

Jelly, aged 11, is the life and soul of the classroom. She’s popular and great at doing impressions. She’s also overweight. She’s learned to deal with the put-downs by brushing them off and pretending she finds it all very funny – while making up poems and writing her private worries in a notebook.

Then Lennon arrives, Mum’s new boyfriend. He’s nice. He treats her mum well, buys her flowers, doesn’t let her down. He’s the first person to have noticed that Jelly is playing a part. He reads her poems and tells her they’re really good. In fact, he’d like to set one to music.

When a talent show is announced at school, Lennon persuades Jelly sing her poem in the contest. But can Jelly find the courage to perform something so personal – especially when Lennon might not always be there to cheer her on?


My Thoughts : 

Wow! Well, I wasn’t expecting to be so emotionally involved in this book! I first discovered Jo’s writing when A Library of Lemons was released, and A Storm of Strawberries was amazing too. But this? Some how topped Strawberries! Jelly is an amazing eleven year old, and I LOVE how supportive her mum is of her. And Lennon? Well, he’s a sweetheart and I’m sure I’m not the only woman wishing there were more men like him in the world, especially after a certain chapter featuring a tub of ice cream! It’s also lovely to read about a a step parent type figure taking part and being so active in a childs life, because they always just seem to be on the sidelines in books unless they are horrible. 

Jelly gets a 5* from me and I can’t wait to see what Jo has next! 






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