Wattpad Wednesday

For those of you that remember me from when I worked with The Barefooted Dandelion, you’ll probably remember my Wattpad Wednesday posts. Which is simply as it sounds, a blog post on a Wednesday about a Wattpad book. Probably won’t be every Wednesday, but I’ll try.




One prophecy. One Journey. One King 


A secret lost in time and lore,

Finds its way to a king. 

But was it predestined from before,

Now the puzzle must be pieced.


Kylie. Model. Entrepreneur. TV star. Every aspect of her life is in the spotlight. Almost. 


Arthur. Historian. Art enthusiast. College teacher. Every aspect of his life is in the shadows. Almost. 


When Kylie acquires a rare painting she gets more than what she bargained for. When Arthur comes along, a chain of strange events is mysteriously unleashed. With warnings coming at her from left, right and center she risks unravelling an untold prophecy dating back to the Fifth Dynasty of Egypt. 



KING is an on-going novel currently ranked at #265 in Mysterious.

If you are interested in reading it you can find the book Clicking here

Or find out more about the author via their website & Twitter


Twitter: G_T_DeRosa




Love Sunny







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