A New Journey Begins

Who am I? And what’s this all about?

Sunny, Taylor, Dandelion & Kym – I’m all four of those people laughter from realising how crazy I’ve just made myself sound. I assure you despite being a tad crazy, I don’t have multiple personalities.

Back in 2015 I was a fairly popular book blogger, I enjoyed it immensely but I always felt constricted, all my posts had to be about books. I began to break out of it in 2016 when I created The Barefooted Dandelion, I was primarily a book blogger but with other projects going on the side. I was never able to keep my focus on one thing, which I know confused a lot of people. – my poor mental health played a big part in all that. In 2017 I self-published my first book A Pair of Pears, under the name of Dandelion Kym. The book reached number 25 in the Kindle Bestsellers for the teen fiction category, the buzz I felt from that was amazing. – I have since pulled the book from Amazon, but I’m hoping to re-publish it later in the year under the name Taylor Bourne when I have some time, if you are still curious though… There is an older edit of it up on WattPad.

Why did you suddenly disappear?

My own mental health, really. It hasn’t been the best few years, then I got myself tangled up with a group of ‘friends’ that were doing me more harm than good.

So what’s all this about?

Dandelion, was never really an attractive nickname but it was just something that I’d been called by a few people due to the name of my blog and it stuck. .. I felt like I had to keep up with it.

So what, are you calling yourself Sunny all the time now?


Yes and no, I like to keep a certain amount of privacy online, for various reasons. My name is Kym.

Taylor Bourne is my pen name for my writing.

Dandelion was just an old nickname that I would love to shake off now, if that’s ok..

Sunny.. I have a friend that calls me Sunny. But I also just think it’s a nice word. I love the 70’s hippie era and the colour yellow just reminds me of that. Sunny is just a happy word – I like that.

So, what content will we see. …

You’ll have to wait and see.. The clue is in the blog name though…

Loved By Sunny


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